Social Security Disability Benefit for the Injured

Accidents do not occur with a prior notice and that is the very reason why it is called an accident. You can never be fully prepared for something like this. Especially, if you are the sole earning member of your family and you suffer an accident that leaves you unable to work, it becomes indeed a very difficult life. Regardless of how much savings you have made, if there are no inflows of money into the family, it is very difficult to sustain yourself as well as your family.

Do not worry; there is social security disability law to help people who have become disabled due to some accident and are unable to work to earn their living. You and your family would be provided for by the Government but only after you have proved that you are fully disabled to do any kind of work to earn a living for yourself.

social security disability benefit

Even if you are injured very badly and continue with your previous work, you need to prove that you are unable to do any kind of work and not only your previous work. The government wants this particular social security disability benefit to go to people who really need it and not for people who can work on some things and earn their living.

For example, suppose you were a driver of a company van but lose your legs in an accident, you would not be given the benefit of social security disability if you can still your hands. You can find work that requires the use of only hands. Whereas if suppose you have suffered an accident that has affected the spine and has left you completely bedridden, you can then apply for social security disability benefit since you would be unable to work and earn your living. The point is you need to first prove your disability to get this benefit.



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