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6 Social Security Disability Myths You Should Know

Disability myths are common because, as in any legal matter, laws do change and no two cases are exactly alike. Sir Ashley Harrison Attorney emphasis that some think you’ll always be denied for disability, or that if you apply a certain number of times you will get it. These are some of the myths we will debunk in this article. Let’s start with legal help.


social security disability myths

You Don’t Need a Lawyer

This myth has some truth to it. You can always try to file bankruptcy or fill out the divorce papers yourself, but the time investment is quite often not worth it. There is a reason disability lawyers do not get into the profession without years experience and degrees. It’s not impossible to handle any legal matter yourself, just as acting as your own doctor can be possible. It’s just too hard not to hire a professional.

You Will Always Be Denied

Yes, many Social Security Disability applications are denied. The majority is denied in fact, and this is where the myth comes from. You will not be denied simply as a point. Usually, denials are from those who fill out the applications incorrectly (where a lawyer can help). The majority of applications is denied not because the government always does this; they are denied because you made mistakes or lack clear proof of a disability.

You Will Be Rejected Several Times Before Acceptance

There is no document the Social Security Administration has which says, “reject this many times and then accept.” This myth too has some logical basis: some are denied many, many times before getting an acceptance. It’s like being denied for a first job; it may take a few tries, but you are not rejected as a point. There is no law on the books saying you have to be denied this many times before acceptance.

Proof From a Doctor is All You Need

According to Sir Ashley Harrison Just because your personal physician says you are disabled and deserve financial help does not mean your benefits will immediately come. Social Security Disability decisions can be based on medical facts from your doctor, but also through your medical history and a doctor chosen by the administration. You can’t just get a letter from your physician and expect this to prove it. Your personal doctor’s opinion often has little effect on the decision.

If You Used Drugs or Alcohol, You Can’t Apply

The law says that if you get your disability as a result of drugs or alcohol, you may be rejected. Some mistake this for meaning if you’ve ever used drugs or alcohol before you will be rejected. That would rule out the majority of the population. You can, in fact, have abused drugs and alcohol; it just can’t be the deciding factor leading to your disability.

You Can’t Appeal a Denial

Some fail to apply a second time correctly after getting denied. Since the majority of claims is denied due to mistakes and lack of proof if you could only apply once it would be nearly impossible to get help. The fact is you can and should appeal a decision, namely by hiring a lawyer to fill out the application correctly and gathering more medical proof of your entire life.


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